Fill Your Spirit



In addition to two 3-bedroom houses, the facilities of the farm include:

  • Large 200-year old horse barn converted into the "Art Barn," with spacious living quarters, communal studio spaces, workshop space, gallery, three rustic cabins, and camping area. Please note: there is ample hot and cold running water in the barn and outdoor hot water showers, but all toilets are outhouses or composting toilets. Perfectly sanitary, but different from "flush" toilets. There are flush toilets in the main house.

  • Full communal ceramics studio with wheels, work tables, slab roller, extruder, glazing, clay making facilities. Earthenware, ^6 and ^10 firing.

  • 48-hour woodfired "Princess" kiln, 10 hour “Pajamagama” wood kiln, Skutt computerized ^10 electric kiln,

  • Organic vegetable garden for residents. 25 acres of fields, forests, and trails. Easy access to longer hiking trails, lakes, rivers and roads and trails for biking.